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København – Denmark

København – Denmark

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Fuipisia Waterfall-40
Fuipisia Waterfall-10  Fuipisia Waterfall-55
Fuipisia Waterfall-19
Fuipisia Waterfall-24  Fuipisia Waterfall-26
Fuipisia Waterfall-85  Fuipisia Waterfall-64
Fuipisia Waterfall-31
Fuipisia Waterfall-61  Fuipisia Waterfall-11
Fuipisia Waterfall-90  Fuipisia Waterfall-88Fuipisia Waterfall-99
Fuipisia Waterfall-98 Fuipisia Waterfall-112
Fuipisia Waterfall-93 Fuipisia Waterfall-67
Fuipisia Waterfall-109
Fuipisia Waterfall-22
Fuipisia Waterfall-43
Fuipisia Waterfall-42  Fuipisia Waterfall-45
Fuipisia Waterfall-46
Fuipisia Waterfall-47

5’BROomhill hospital

5’BROomhill hospital

2012, My nephew Jascha Hoste and myself went trew the english and Scottish Landscape to visit Urbex-Locations, Mainly…Asylums..and …Powerrrplants.

We met with a scotisch Photographer Derek and a few friends of him to vist this very old -hospital/asylum that dated around the 1900´s.

We went in and seperated in different ways…at least i was.
There was this moment i heard a enormous bang when i was looking what was behind the other doors while i was shooting an HDR (HighDefinitionRange/3Photos).
I returned to my camera and feeled not at ease, i feld i had to go immediatly…only my camera was still making the picture….and counted till 30…seem longer than 30 seconds..when i looked on the camera i saw the last one was overlighted  but couldnt care less,,,just GET OUT..
When i was upstairs this feeling was gone again as fast as it came…This is the hdr i made that moment…i can’t know if this is a honest technical mistake or something that was in front of the lens….if you what can cause this,,,no light was used when making these pitures..
————————–Broomhill hospital-26
Broomhill hospital-91  Broomhill hospital-96
Broomhill hospital-7  Broomhill hospital-50
Broomhill hospital-56
Broomhill hospital-63  Broomhill hospital-39
Broomhill hospital-82  Broomhill hospital-43
Broomhill hospital-3  Broomhill hospital-6
Broomhill hospital-52
Broomhill hospital-9  Broomhill hospital-78
Broomhill hospital-70
Broomhill hospital-73  Broomhill hospital-98

Broomhill hospital-59  Broomhill hospital-95Broomhill hospital-86
Broomhill hospital-tekst

Verlassene Farm – Germany

Verlassene Farm – Germany

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Verlassene Farm - Germany-14
Verlassene Farm - Germany-13  Verlassene Farm - Germany-17
Verlassene Farm - Germany-10  Verlassene Farm - Germany-9
Verlassene Farm - Germany-8
Verlassene Farm - Germany-2  Verlassene Farm - Germany-9
Verlassene Farm - Germany-7
Verlassene Farm - Germany-1  Verlassene Farm - Germany-4
Verlassene Farm - Germany-16

gårdshäst och vagn – Sweden

Gårdshäst och vagn – Sweden

While i visiting my friend Lars in Sweden, we went out for some exploring around the swedish countryside
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gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-21
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-3  gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-19
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-15  gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-10
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-16
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-11  gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-13
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-12  gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-18
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-5  gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-6
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-23

Textima Nadelfabrik – Germany

Textima Nadelfabrik – Germany
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Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-27Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-22 Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-20
Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-17 Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-18
Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-21
Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-13 Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-11
Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-10 Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-12
Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-15 Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-30
Textima Nadelfabrik - Germany-20


Sanatorium – H _ Sweden

Sanatorium – H _ Sweden

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Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-11Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-7 Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-9
Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-16 Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-15
Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-8
Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-13 Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-14
Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-4
Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-2
 Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-10
Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-18
Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-21 Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-20
Sanatorium - H _ Sweden-24

Visserij Service Nederland

Visserij Service Nederland

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Visserij Service Nederland-7
Visserij Service Nederland-4 Visserij Service Nederland-1
Visserij Service Nederland-8 Visserij Service Nederland-10
Visserij Service Nederland-5

HongKong City B-W

HongKong City B-W

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HongKongCity-14 HongKong-5
HongKong-12 HongKong-77
HongKong-37 HongKong-54
HongKong-22 HongKongCity-22
HongKong-24 HongKongCity-10
HongKong-9 HongKongCity-29

Winterwalk – Leiden

Winterwalk – Leiden

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Winterwalk - Leiden-36
Winterwalk - Leiden-43 Winterwalk - Leiden-38
Winterwalk - Leiden-41
Winterwalk - Leiden-39 Winterwalk - Leiden-33
Winterwalk - Leiden-29
Winterwalk - Leiden-30 Winterwalk - Leiden-24
Winterwalk - Leiden-13 Winterwalk - Leiden-15
Winterwalk - Leiden-17 Winterwalk - Leiden-4
Winterwalk - Leiden-6
Winterwalk - Leiden-9 Winterwalk - Leiden-3
Winterwalk - Leiden-18

Verlassene Kirche – Germany

Verlassene Kirche – Germany

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—————————————————————————verlassene Kirche - Germany-2
verlassene Kirche - Germany-3 verlassene Kirche - Germany-1
verlassene Kirche - Germany-14
verlassene Kirche - Germany-8 verlassene Kirche - Germany-6
verlassene Kirche - Germany-5 verlassene Kirche - Germany-9
verlassene Kirche - Germany-10