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Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve (vertical)

Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve

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In 2014 i went with my mother to my birthland Suriname,
i also went on some trips landinwards, deep the in the tropical forrest with ends up in the Amazone-area.
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-116
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-2 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-25
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-28 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-40
Time for a break
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-32
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-45 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-55
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-71 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-70
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-65 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-62
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-68
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-90 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-85
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-95 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-92
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-78
Let’s do to more to preserve nature!!!

Paisaje Guadelest – Spain

Paisaje Guadelest – Spain

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Paisaje Guadelest - Spain-23 Paisaje Guadelest - Spain-20
Paisaje Guadelest - Spain-22 Paisaje Guadelest - Spain-24
Paisaje Guadelest - Spain-12 Paisaje Guadelest - Spain-18
Paisaje Guadelest - Spain-19
Paisaje Guadelest - Spain-1 Paisaje Guadelest - Spain-14
Paisaje Guadelest - Spain-7 Paisaje Guadelest - Spain-4
Paisaje Guadelest - Spain-3

Streets of Valencia (vertical) – Spain

Streets of Valencia – Spain

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Streets of Valencia-15
Streets of Valencia-13 Streets of Valencia-92
Streets of Valencia-1 Streets of Valencia-34
Streets of Valencia-23 Streets of Valencia-39
Streets of Valencia-38 Streets of Valencia-36
Streets of Valencia-6 Streets of Valencia-16
Streets of Valencia-33 Streets of Valencia-5
Streets of Valencia-100 (2) Streets of Valencia-11
Streets of Valencia-85

Saramacca river – Suriname

Saramacca river – Suriname

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Saramacca river - Suriname-9
Saramacca river - Suriname-8 Saramacca river - Suriname-2
Saramacca river - Suriname-7 Saramacca river - Suriname-1
Saramacca river - Suriname-4

Exploring the city of Rhodes

Exploring the city of Rhodes

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——————————————————————- Reizen Rhodos-21
Reizen Rhodos-144 Reizen Rhodos-146
Reizen Rhodos-130 Reizen Rhodos-6
Reizen Rhodos-129 Reizen Rhodos-131
Reizen Rhodos-152 Reizen Rhodos-127
Reizen Rhodos-153 Reizen Rhodos-149
Reizen Rhodos-164 Reizen Rhodos-159
Reizen Rhodos-161 Reizen Rhodos-138
Reizen Rhodos-141
Reizen Rhodos-93
Reizen Rhodos-81 Reizen Rhodos-80
Reizen Rhodos-76 Reizen Rhodos-75
Reizen Rhodos-22 Reizen Rhodos-44
Reizen Rhodos-8 Reizen Rhodos-74
Reizen Rhodos-5 Reizen Rhodos-111
Reizen Rhodos-31 Reizen Rhodos-50
Reizen Rhodos-16 Reizen Rhodos-17
Reizen Rhodos-29 Reizen Rhodos-42
Reizen Rhodos-14 Reizen Rhodos-9
Reizen Rhodos-105
Reizen Rhodos-108 Reizen Rhodos-102
Reizen Rhodos-101 Reizen Rhodos-114
Reizen Rhodos-100
Reizen Rhodos-2 Reizen Rhodos-11
Reizen Rhodos-71 Reizen Rhodos-163
Reizen Rhodos-77
Reizen Rhodos-84 Reizen Rhodos-88
Reizen Rhodos-86
—— An island of kings. ——-

Reizen Rhodos-156 (and not like idiots posings as kings)

(PS; more to come, not finished)

Kite Ixia Bay – Rhodes

Kite Ixia Bay – Rhodes

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Kite Ixia Bay - Rhodes-17
Kite Ixia Bay - Rhodes-13 Kite Ixia Bay - Rhodes-12
Kite Ixia Bay - Rhodes-16
Kite Ixia Bay - Rhodes-15 Kite Ixia Bay - Rhodes-8
Kite Ixia Bay - Rhodes-7 Kite Ixia Bay - Rhodes-5

Övergiven Bro – Sweden

Övergiven Bro – Sweden

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Övergiven Bro - Sweden-12
Övergiven Bro - Sweden-7  Övergiven Bro - Sweden-10
Övergiven Bro - Sweden-5  Övergiven Bro - Sweden-6
Övergiven Bro - Sweden-1

Glasgow Cathedral – Scotland

Glasgow Cathedral – Scotland

On urbex-holiday with my cousin Jascha Hoste we visited “The cathedral of Glasgow

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Glasgow Cathedral -27  Glasgow Cathedral -25
Glasgow Cathedral -26  The Necropolis - Glasgow-19
Glasgow Cathedral -12  Glasgow Cathedral -22
Glasgow Cathedral -19
Glasgow Cathedral -7  Glasgow Cathedral -5
Glasgow Cathedral -3  Glasgow Cathedral -2
Glasgow Cathedral -24
Glasgow Cathedral -15  Glasgow Cathedral -32
Glasgow Cathedral -17

The Necropolis – Glasgow

The Necropolis – Glasgow

On urbex-holiday with my cousin Jascha Hoste, we visited the Cathedrale of Scotland
and we crossed “The Necropolis’ of Glasgow.
Necropolis or Nekroplois in Greek means the City of the Dead
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The Necropolis - Glasgow-39
The Necropolis - Glasgow-19  The Necropolis - Glasgow-33
The Necropolis - Glasgow-30  The Necropolis - Glasgow-38
The Necropolis - Glasgow-37  The Necropolis - Glasgow-36
The Necropolis - Glasgow-46  The Necropolis - Glasgow-41
The Necropolis - Glasgow-35  The Necropolis - Glasgow-22
The Necropolis - Glasgow-54  The Necropolis - Glasgow-42
The Necropolis - Glasgow-20  The Necropolis - Glasgow-32
The Necropolis - Glasgow-10  The Necropolis - Glasgow-16
The Necropolis - Glasgow-11  The Necropolis - Glasgow-7
The Necropolis - Glasgow-13
The Necropolis - Glasgow-9  The Necropolis - Glasgow-8
The Necropolis - Glasgow-12  The Necropolis - Glasgow-2
The Necropolis - Glasgow-6
The Necropolis - Glasgow-45

Den Lille Havfrue

Den Lille Havfrue

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Den Lille Havfrue - København Ø - Denemarken-1Den Lille Havfrue - København Ø - Denemarken-16 Den Lille Havfrue - København Ø - Denemarken-17
Den Lille Havfrue - København Ø - Denemarken-21 Den Lille Havfrue - København Ø - Denemarken-22
Den Lille Havfrue - København Ø - Denemarken-19
Den Lille Havfrue - København Ø - Denemarken-2