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Camp de la Transportation – Frans-Guyana

Camp de la Transportation – Frans-Guyana

Camp de la Transportation-1

This eerie place / prison of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni or camp of the Transportation

 was a penitentiary establishment in French Guiana where prisinors arrived for  processing. This prison was the central prison of French Guiana . Part of the site is now restored.
  • The prison is created by the law of August 26, 1792 which provides for the political deportation in Guyana of “non-oathed ecclesiastics” 1 and ecclesiastics denounced for incivism (law of April 23, 1793) and in 1795 for the enemies of the revolution French , but the maritime blockade imposed by England as well as the numerous epidemics which develop there, lead to the cessation of the application of these measures .
  • On November 22,  1850 , Louis Napoleon proclaimed: ”  6,000 convicts in our convalescences are imposing enormous burdens on their budgets, increasingly depraving themselves, and constantly threatening society. It seems to me possible to make the pain of forced labor more effective, more moralizing, less expensive, and more humane by using it in the progress of French colonization  . “
  • March 31,  1852 , the first convoy sentenced from Brest to the islands of Salvation .
  • On February 21,  1858 , the prison of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni was inaugurated on the Maroni river . It consisted of more than 12 buildings (rows of “boxes” containing the cells on either side of the inner courtyard, a hospital, kitchens, staff buildings, laundry and library).
    All the convicts coming from metropolitan France first landed at Saint-Laurent and were then divided between the different camps and penitentiaries of Guyana.
  • On March 16,  1880 , the city of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, which was a penitentiary commune, was created, the inhabitants of which were almost all released guards or convicts.
  • In 1912 , the Saint-Laurent Hospital was built.
  • The prison of Saint-Laurent-sur-Maroni did not close until 1946 , when the whole galleys finally ceased to exist. Its closure was decided by Daladier’s decree-law in 1938.
The site is classified as a historic monument by order of 14 February 1995 .

A famous film about a person who is fallacious sented with a life sentence to the prison of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni  >>> Papillon is a 1973 historical period drama prison film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner. The screenplay by Dalton Trumbo and Lorenzo Semple Jr. was based on the 1969 autobiography by the French convict Henri Charrière. The film stars Steve McQueen as Henri Charrière (“Papillon”) and Dustin Hoffman as Louis Dega. Because it was filmed at remote locations, the film was quite expensive for the time ($12 million), but it earned more than twice that in its first year of release. The film’s title is French for “Butterfly,” referring to Charrière’s tattoo and nickname.

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Camp de la Transportation-2
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Camp de la Transportation-4  Camp de la Transportation-7
Camp de la Transportation-29  Camp de la Transportation-10
Camp de la Transportation-6
Camp de la Transportation-37  Camp de la Transportation-21
Camp de la Transportation-34  Camp de la Transportation-33
Camp de la Transportation-30
Camp de la Transportation-13  Camp de la Transportation-14
Camp de la Transportation-25  Camp de la Transportation-18
Camp de la Transportation-52
Camp de la Transportation-51  Camp de la Transportation-49
Camp de la Transportation-16  Camp de la Transportation-11
Camp de la Transportation-43
Camp de la Transportation-68  Camp de la Transportation-69
Camp de la Transportation-44  Camp de la Transportation-46
Camp de la Transportation-50  Camp de la Transportation-54
Camp de la Transportation-41

København – Denmark

København – Denmark

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Fuipisia Waterfall-40
Fuipisia Waterfall-10  Fuipisia Waterfall-55
Fuipisia Waterfall-19
Fuipisia Waterfall-24  Fuipisia Waterfall-26
Fuipisia Waterfall-85  Fuipisia Waterfall-64
Fuipisia Waterfall-31
Fuipisia Waterfall-61  Fuipisia Waterfall-11
Fuipisia Waterfall-90  Fuipisia Waterfall-88Fuipisia Waterfall-99
Fuipisia Waterfall-98 Fuipisia Waterfall-112
Fuipisia Waterfall-93 Fuipisia Waterfall-67
Fuipisia Waterfall-109
Fuipisia Waterfall-22
Fuipisia Waterfall-43
Fuipisia Waterfall-42  Fuipisia Waterfall-45
Fuipisia Waterfall-46
Fuipisia Waterfall-47

Abandoned Watermill – Sweden

Abandoned Watermill – Sweden

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Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -36
Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -31  Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -9
Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -7  Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -1
Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -5
Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -4  Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -16
Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -10
Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -12  Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -29
Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -28
Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -20  Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -19
Abandoned Water-Sawmill - Sweden 2013 -14

5’BROomhill hospital

5’BROomhill hospital

2012, My nephew Jascha Hoste and myself went trew the english and Scottish Landscape to visit Urbex-Locations, Mainly…Asylums..and …Powerrrplants.

We met with a scotisch Photographer Derek and a few friends of him to vist this very old -hospital/asylum that dated around the 1900´s.

We went in and seperated in different ways…at least i was.
There was this moment i heard a enormous bang when i was looking what was behind the other doors while i was shooting an HDR (HighDefinitionRange/3Photos).
I returned to my camera and feeled not at ease, i feld i had to go immediatly…only my camera was still making the picture….and counted till 30…seem longer than 30 seconds..when i looked on the camera i saw the last one was overlighted  but couldnt care less,,,just GET OUT..
When i was upstairs this feeling was gone again as fast as it came…This is the hdr i made that moment…i can’t know if this is a honest technical mistake or something that was in front of the lens….if you what can cause this,,,no light was used when making these pitures..
————————–Broomhill hospital-26
Broomhill hospital-91  Broomhill hospital-96
Broomhill hospital-7  Broomhill hospital-50
Broomhill hospital-56
Broomhill hospital-63  Broomhill hospital-39
Broomhill hospital-82  Broomhill hospital-43
Broomhill hospital-3  Broomhill hospital-6
Broomhill hospital-52
Broomhill hospital-9  Broomhill hospital-78
Broomhill hospital-70
Broomhill hospital-73  Broomhill hospital-98

Broomhill hospital-59  Broomhill hospital-95Broomhill hospital-86
Broomhill hospital-tekst

Charbonnage Sauwartan – Belgium

Charbonnage Sauwartan – Belgium

October 1938, the coal mine closed, which has been mining coal since the late 18th century.
In this coal-mine there has been accidents, in 1847, 57 miners were killed and in 1880 another 9 more.
The concrete shaft, according to “Les Charbonnages du Borinage” was built later on.
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Charbonnage Sauartan - Belgium-5Charbonnage Sauartan - Belgium-2  Charbonnage Sauartan - Belgium-8
Charbonnage Sauartan - Belgium-3
Charbonnage Sauartan - Belgium-4  Charbonnage Sauartan - Belgium-9

Verlassene Farm – Germany

Verlassene Farm – Germany

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Verlassene Farm - Germany-14
Verlassene Farm - Germany-13  Verlassene Farm - Germany-17
Verlassene Farm - Germany-10  Verlassene Farm - Germany-9
Verlassene Farm - Germany-8
Verlassene Farm - Germany-2  Verlassene Farm - Germany-9
Verlassene Farm - Germany-7
Verlassene Farm - Germany-1  Verlassene Farm - Germany-4
Verlassene Farm - Germany-16

gårdshäst och vagn – Sweden

Gårdshäst och vagn – Sweden

While i visiting my friend Lars in Sweden, we went out for some exploring around the swedish countryside
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gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-21
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-3  gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-19
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-15  gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-10
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-16
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-11  gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-13
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-12  gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-18
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-5  gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-6
gårdshäst och vagn - Sweden-23

Mansión Abandonada – Spain

Mansión Abandonada – Spain

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Mansión Abandonada - Spain-2Mansión Abandonada - Spain-7  Mansión Abandonada - Spain-6
Mansión Abandonada - Spain-8  Mansión Abandonada - Spain-9
Mansión Abandonada - Spain-1  Mansión Abandonada - Spain-16
Mansión Abandonada - Spain-12
Mansión Abandonada - Spain-27  Mansión Abandonada - Spain-26
Mansión Abandonada - Spain-22
Mansión Abandonada - Spain-19  Mansión Abandonada - Spain-17
Mansión Abandonada - Spain-25

Abandoned Russian Swimming Pool

Abandoned Russian Swimming Pool

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Verbotene Stadt im Wald-176Verbotene Stadt im Wald-187  Verbotene Stadt im Wald-181
Verbotene Stadt im Wald-158  Verbotene Stadt im Wald-157
Verbotene Stadt im Wald-163
Verbotene Stadt im Wald-156  Verbotene Stadt im Wald-165
Verbotene Stadt im Wald-167
Verbotene Stadt im Wald-159 Verbotene Stadt im Wald-201
Verbotene Stadt im Wald-161  Verbotene Stadt im Wald-169
Verbotene Stadt im Wald-160

Chill Out – Belgium

Chill Out – Belgium

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Cooling tower to cool industrial water from factory
Chill Out - Belgium-13
Chill Out - Belgium-8  Chill Out - Belgium-11
Chill Out - Belgium-10
Chill Out - Belgium-3
Chill Out - Belgium-6  Chill Out - Belgium-1
Chill Out - Belgium-2