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House at white hospital – Germany

House at white hospital – Germany

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House at White Hospital - Germany-2
House at White Hospital - Germany-7 House at White Hospital - Germany-7
House at White Hospital - Germany-9
House at White Hospital - Germany-6 House at White Hospital - Germany-5
House at White Hospital - Germany-3

Hotel Anna – Germany

Hotel Anna – Germany

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Hotel Anna - Germany-1
Hotel Anna - Germany-13 Hotel Anna - Germany-9
Hotel Anna - Germany-8 Hotel Anna - Germany-6
Hotel Anna - Germany-10 Hotel Anna - Germany-4
Hotel Anna - Germany-2 Hotel Anna - Germany-7
Hotel Anna - Germany-12
Hotel Anna - Germany-16 Hotel Anna - Germany-15

ο παφλασμός του αφάντου – Greece

ο παφλασμός του αφάντου – Greece

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ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-44ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-48 ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-47
ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-23 ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-22
ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-15 ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-20
ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-21 ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-27
ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-26 ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-17
ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-1
ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-8 ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-5
ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-6 ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-3
ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-10 ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-29
ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-41 ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-33
ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-30 ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-36
ο παφλασμός του Αφάντου - Greece-49

Hotel Jäger – Germany

Hotel Jäger – Germany


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Hotel Jäger-44
Hotel Jäger-36 Hotel Jäger-42
Hotel Jäger-34 Hotel Jäger-33
Hotel Jäger-35 Hotel Jäger-40
Hotel Jäger-23
Hotel Jäger-17 Hotel Jäger-26
Hotel Jäger-14 Hotel Jäger-21
Hotel Jäger-10 Hotel Jäger-20
Hotel Jäger-6
Hotel Jäger-12 Hotel Jäger-19
Hotel Jäger-2 Hotel Jäger-28

Akehus Car-graveyard

Akehus Car-graveyard – Sweden

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Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-50
Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-35 Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-40
Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-24 Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-43
Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-15 Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-19
Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-17 Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-7
Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-32 Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-29
Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-14 Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-4
Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-45 Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-3
Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-21 Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-8
Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-38 Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-13
Akehus Car-graveyard - Båstnäs-47

Luster Sanatorium – Norway

Luster Sanatorium – Norway

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Luster Sanatorium - Luster-1 Luster Sanatorium - Luster-17
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-26 Luster Sanatorium - Luster-32
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-27 Luster Sanatorium - Luster-6
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-19 Luster Sanatorium - Luster-15
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-36 Luster Sanatorium - Luster-2
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-35
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-47 Luster Sanatorium - Luster-81
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-85 Luster Sanatorium - Luster-56
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-57 Luster Sanatorium - Luster-53
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-61 Luster Sanatorium - Luster-58
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-50 Luster Sanatorium - Luster-48
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-54 Luster Sanatorium - Luster-68
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-45 Luster Sanatorium - Luster-78
Luster Sanatorium - Luster-34

Haus Waldmuhle – Germany

Haus Waldmuhle – Germany

An abandoned Artz & physiotheraphy-centrum
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Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-23
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-7  Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-9
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-15  Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-12
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-19  Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-6
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-20  Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-1
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-2  Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-24
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-25
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-26  Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-31
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-29  Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-27
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-41  Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-44
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-37  Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-28
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-32  Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-38
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-42  Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-36
Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-45  Haus Waldmuhle - Germany-46

Glasgow Cathedral – Scotland

Glasgow Cathedral – Scotland

On urbex-holiday with my cousin Jascha Hoste we visited “The cathedral of Glasgow

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Glasgow Cathedral -27  Glasgow Cathedral -25
Glasgow Cathedral -26  The Necropolis - Glasgow-19
Glasgow Cathedral -12  Glasgow Cathedral -22
Glasgow Cathedral -19
Glasgow Cathedral -7  Glasgow Cathedral -5
Glasgow Cathedral -3  Glasgow Cathedral -2
Glasgow Cathedral -24
Glasgow Cathedral -15  Glasgow Cathedral -32
Glasgow Cathedral -17

Lost city of Vogelsang – Germany

Lost city of Vogelsang – Germany

In 1951 Began construction of the sit and the garrison became home to around 15,000 soldiers and civilians, some 550 buildings.
Four mobile launching units and 12 missiles were ready for deployment between the two bases, capable of striking targets up to 1,200 kilometers away.The East Germans were not informed, and the missiles were delivered under cover of darkness using back roads so they wouldn’t find out.The Soviet Army leadership did not give the GDR military leadership any information about the stationing of missiles in Vogelsang and Fürstenberg.
In the end, the Soviet Union’s production of the R-14 Chusovaya missile SS-5 Skean, with its much greater range, eliminated the need for armed nuclear missiles in Germany, and Col. Aleksandrov was given the order to disband on July 12th, 1962.
Meanwhile, there was enough going on through the Cold War and beyond to keep Vogelsang busy. The Red Army’s 25th Tank Division was based here and there were apparently further nuclear dalliances with the storage of TR-1 (SS-12 Scaleboard) missiles between 1983 and 1988. The Russians didn’t leave until 1994.
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Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-70  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-56
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-69  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-57
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-62  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-61
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-67  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-68
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-45  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-48
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-51  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-46
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-52  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-2
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-20  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-21
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-8  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-9
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-10  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-11
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-16  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-13
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-23  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-32
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-31  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-39
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-25  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-28
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-30  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-29
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-5  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-1
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-33  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-42
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-32  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-35
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-34  Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-41
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-53 Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-55
Lost city of Vogelsang - Germany-54

Leather Mansion – Germany (vertical)

Leather Mansion – Germany

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Leather Mansion - Germany-78
Leather Mansion - Germany-61  Leather Mansion - Germany-62
Leather Mansion - Germany-64  Leather Mansion - Germany-66
Leather Mansion - Germany-73  Leather Mansion - Germany-55
Leather Mansion - Germany-54  Leather Mansion - Germany-69
Leather Mansion - Germany-67  Leather Mansion - Germany-68
Leather Mansion - Germany-71  Leather Mansion - Germany-60
Leather Mansion - Germany-75  Leather Mansion - Germany-77
Leather Mansion - Germany-57  Leather Mansion - Germany-79
Leather Mansion - Germany-81