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Greenhouse – Boskoop the Netherlands


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Greenhous - Boskoop-6

An abandoned Greenhouse in Boskoop the Netherlands.

Land has been sold to a developer.

Greenhous - Boskoop-5Greenhous - Boskoop-2Greenhous - Boskoop-3Greenhous - BoskoopGreenhous - Boskoop-4

Gasbriek Boskoop16

Gasfabriek Boskoop

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Gasbriek Boskoop16A former Gas-Plant site in Boskoop the Netherlands.

Boskoop is national and international famous for his plant and tree-nurseries  (KWEKERIJEN)

and Horticultural Research.

Gasbriek Boskoop34Gasbriek Boskoop14Gasbriek Boskoop44Gasbriek Boskoop9Gasbriek Boskoop5Gasbriek Boskoop31Gasbriek Boskoop29Gasbriek Boskoop4Gasbriek Boskoop43Gasbriek Boskoop27Gasbriek Boskoop3Gasbriek Boskoop42Gasbriek Boskoop33Scrabble-names

Gasbriek Boskoop8

Gasbriek Boskoop32Gasbriek Boskoop6Gasbriek Boskoop7Gasbriek Boskoop21Gasbriek Boskoop20Gasbriek Boskoop2In the last recent years the building was used for storage for welfare/charity-organisation.

Gasbriek Boskoop30Gasbriek Boskoop28Gasbriek Boskoop55Gasbriek Boskoop10Gasbriek Boskoop39