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Smog – Hong Kong

SMOG – Hong Kong


Ever noticed a (brown) murky layer of air hovering above a city? Well, that’s smog.

The word “smog” is a fusion of “smoke” and “fog,” and was originally used to describe the haze that enshrouded coal-burning at the turn of the 20th century. The burning of large amounts of coal in an area results in a thick, cloudy mixture of smoke and sulfur dioxide.

Nowadays, the term smog is applied more to the haze that results when sunlight hits with nitrogen oxides and volatilic organic compounds, which are emitted from the burning of fossil (fuels in cars, powerplants and factories). The reaction creates tiny airborne particles , which can aggravate conditions like asthma and other lungproblems.

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SMOG -HongKong-15
SMOG -HongKong-18 HongKong-39
HongKong-56 HongKong-58
SMOG -HongKong-1 SMOG -HongKong-3
SMOG -HongKong-6 SMOG -HongKong-2HongKong-84

Streets of Valencia (vertical) – Spain

Streets of Valencia – Spain

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Streets of Valencia-15
Streets of Valencia-13 Streets of Valencia-92
Streets of Valencia-1 Streets of Valencia-34
Streets of Valencia-23 Streets of Valencia-39
Streets of Valencia-38 Streets of Valencia-36
Streets of Valencia-6 Streets of Valencia-16
Streets of Valencia-33 Streets of Valencia-5
Streets of Valencia-100 (2) Streets of Valencia-11
Streets of Valencia-85