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Abandoned greenhouse – France

Abandoned greenhouse – France



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Abandoned GreenHouse - France-1Abandoned GreenHouse - France-7Abandoned GreenHouse - France-5Abandoned home and greenhouse -  Fance-13Abandoned home and greenhouse -  Fance-15Abandoned home and greenhouse -  Fance-9Abandoned GreenHouse - France-3Abandoned GreenHouse - France-4Abandoned home and greenhouse -  Fance-11Abandoned home and greenhouse -  Fance-10Abandoned home and greenhouse -  Fance-8Abandoned GreenHouse - France-6Abandoned home and greenhouse -  Fance-12Abandoned GreenHouse - France-2————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Greenhouse – Boskoop the Netherlands


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Greenhous - Boskoop-6

An abandoned Greenhouse in Boskoop the Netherlands.

Land has been sold to a developer.

Greenhous - Boskoop-5Greenhous - Boskoop-2Greenhous - Boskoop-3Greenhous - BoskoopGreenhous - Boskoop-4

Bollenkweker Rijnsburg09

Bollenkweker Rijnsburg




A former and abandoned greenhouse with corporate house in the village Rijnsburg the Netherlands

Bollenkweker Rijnsburg02Bollenkweker Rijnsburg03Bollenkweker Rijnsburg08Bollenkweker Rijnsburg10Bollenkweker Rijnsburg09Corporate House

Bollenkweker Rijnsburg11Bollenkweker Rijnsburg12Bollenkweker Rijnsburg13Bollenkweker Rijnsburg14Bollenkweker Rijnsburg15Bollenkweker Rijnsburg16