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Dorst Kabouterbos – De leemputten

Dorst Kabouterbos – De leemputten

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Dorst Kabouterbos-19
Dorst Kabouterbos-2  Dorst Kabouterbos-48
Dorst Kabouterbos-4
Dorst Kabouterbos-16  Dorst Kabouterbos-14
Dorst Kabouterbos-17
Dorst Kabouterbos-33  Dorst Kabouterbos-30Dorst Kabouterbos-26
Dorst Kabouterbos-41  Dorst Kabouterbos-44
Dorst Kabouterbos-36
Dorst Kabouterbos-47  Dorst Kabouterbos-45
Dorst Kabouterbos-50  Dorst Kabouterbos-51
Dorst Kabouterbos-52
Dorst Kabouterbos-18
Dorst Kabouterbos-20

Schietbaan Forest – Groesbeek

Schietbaan Forest – Groesbeek

One of the most hottest en driest summer since ages !!!
in the whole of europe, maybe average on the world too

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Schietbaan Forrest - Groesbeek-10Schietbaan Forrest - Groesbeek-15  Schietbaan Forrest - Groesbeek-9
Schietbaan Forrest - Groesbeek-1 Schietbaan Forrest - Groesbeek-7
Schietbaan Forrest - Groesbeek-5
Schietbaan Forrest - Groesbeek-12 Schietbaan Forrest - Groesbeek-4
Schietbaan Forrest - Groesbeek-2
Schietbaan Forrest - Groesbeek-3  Schietbaan Forrest - Groesbeek-8
Schietbaan Forrest - Groesbeek-14

DAMN – Dutch Astral Magic Netherlands

DAMN – Dutch Astral Magic Netherlands


Winterscape at Holland

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Geduld is een schone zaak
Winterlandscape - the Netherlands-11Winterlandscape - the Netherlands-6Winterlandscape - the Netherlands-21Winterlandscape - the Netherlands-2Winterlandscape - the Netherlands-100Winterlandscape - the Netherlands-26—————————————————————————————————–

Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve

Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve (horizontal)

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In the 2014 i visited my birthland Suriname with my mother,
of course i wanted to visite the rainforest.
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-110 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-118
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-1 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-94
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-112 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-119
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-107 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-21
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-99
 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-56 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-41
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-61 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-60
Please do MORE to preserve nature, i’m deadserious!!
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-51
PS: Be aware of any danger during an explore.
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-96 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-42
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-34 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-35
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-108 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-37
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-104
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-13 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-17
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-6 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-19
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-7 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-4
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-12





Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve (vertical)

Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve

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In 2014 i went with my mother to my birthland Suriname,
i also went on some trips landinwards, deep the in the tropical forrest with ends up in the Amazone-area.
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-116
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-2 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-25
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-28 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-40
Time for a break
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-32
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-45 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-55
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-71 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-70
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-65 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-62
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-68
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-90 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-85
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-95 Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-92
Raleigh Vallen Nature Preserve-78
Let’s do to more to preserve nature!!!

Dark forest Harz – Germany

Dark forest Harz – Germany
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Nature in black&white and
dark&low coloured photo’s
Dark forest Harz - Germany-44 Dark forest Harz - Germany-43
Dark forest Harz - Germany-27 Dark forest Harz - Germany-30
Dark forest Harz - Germany-47 Dark forest Harz - Germany-46
Dark forest Harz - Germany (26 van 26)
Dark forest Harz - Germany (19 van 26) Dark forest Harz - Germany (9 van 26)
Dark forest Harz - Germany (1 van 26)
Dark forest Harz - Germany (3 van 26) Dark forest Harz - Germany (4 van 26)
Dark forest Harz - Germany (21 van 26) Dark forest Harz - Germany (14 van 26)
Dark forest Harz - Germany (25 van 26)