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Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis Bloemendaal the Netherlands

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Provinciaal Ziekenhuis Noord-Holland sind 1849 / Provincial hospital Noord-Holland since 1849.

During the 19th en 20th century a mental hospital or psychiatric ward was funded by the provincial state.

The origin of these kinds of hospitals goes back  to the curious interpretation of article 8 from the insanelaw from 1841. In this article was stated that the Provincial State which didn’t have mental wards, had to sign an agreement with a mental ward outside there own provincial state.  The Provincial state Noord-Holland was the only Provincial State that started three mental wards/Psychiatric hospitals.

In 1849 in Bloemendaal was started Provincial ward “Meer en Berg” for 250 patients at the late 19th century there were about 1300. In 1971 there was built a youth-psychiatric ward “Amstelland”. Around that time there was a change in the way of psychiatry, the so called anti-psychiatry against the common way: Thratment or patching people up, prison or hospital.

Seen in a nice documentary in Andere tijden.

Later on it is called provinciaal ziekenhuis Rijnland.


A lot of changes has been made since that time.

Between 1986 and 2002  was the whole institute was phased down.

Since that time it was abandoned and sadly trashed.

There are many stories about the place being haunted.

Many people felt or heard things.

Now the area is under development.

I felt uncomfortable in there and sometimes my camera jammed.  Although there was enough light the camera did not focus at times. 


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 My camera didn’t focus automatic so I made the next three photo’s in manual..



IMG_6749-44in this last photo there is something strange.

IMG_6754-51With the highlights and whites turned down. (HDR of the three photo’s)

IMG_6754-50IMG_6752_fused-47after a short time it was normal again.


another strange one, was ..IMG_6661-7and here, may be it was my imagination, but…IMG_6722_fused-29


IMG_6725_tonemapped-33 …I believe in fairytales (sprookjes)

only the light-string-photo


I can’t understand.